About Us

We love local business!

Particularly local restaurants.

We know that small business owners are time poor, and this is so true when running a restaurant. You’ve got to co-ordinate staff, prepare and serve food, maintain stock, adhere to food safety regulations, look after payroll and make sure your guests are happy. And that’s just a start!

Then you also have to worry about attracting new customers to your restaurant. Who has the time to do all this?

That’s why we created Dish Sumo. A resource and a list of services using best practice social media marketing techniques to increase the patronage of your restaurant. 

Leave the marketing to the experts so you can focus on running your restaurant.

The Team

An experienced team in local business and restaurant marketing

My name is Perry Sia.  I’m the founder and a business consultant.  I have a background in SEO, Facebook advertising and small business operations.

I love helping small business owners elevate their business, get their name out in the local and wider community and build a healthy profitable sustainable business. Social media and digital marketing can help make this happen. 

My name is Emma Caruso, and I’m the content writer for Dish Sumo.  I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising.

I’m a massive foodie and you will often find me taking out up my iPhone and posting snaps of delicious food from some amazing restaurants on my Instagram feed