Faceook & Instagram Advertising That Brings Customers To You

Shoppers spend over 3 hours per day on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Reach over two billion monthly users on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Stay connected with food lovers in your local area
  • Retarget customers on social to encourage diners to keep coming back

Ads that will drive customers to your restaurant

Show relevant ads to your potential custoomers while they browse the internet.

  • Higher performance – Existing clients experience 2x higher click-through rate and a 50% lower costs with our dynamic ads.
  • Better personalization – Each ad is tailored to the actions users took on your site. 
  • Stronger brand consistency – We deliver ads that look exponentially better than your competitors.

Get more customers

For only $299 per month we deliver business growth with social media advertising 

How We Can Help You?

We will sit down with you and understand your restaurant operations and come up with a personalised Facebook and Instagram advertising plan.

Our method of operation covers the following four areas. 

1. Set Your Budget

Set your daily campaign budgets. We can also adjust on-the-fly.                                                                                                                                                     

3. Optimise Constantly

We'll allocate budget to ads and placements that work best for your business.

2. Select Your Goals

Different campaigns have different goals. Do you want more dine-in customers, takeaway orders or events bookings?

4. Analyse the results

We provide detailed metrics, analysis and can setup your google analytics.

Yes, They Said That!

“Dish Sumo helped us increase the traffic to our website through Facebook Advertising and Google SEO. They really know their stuff!”

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