100+ Italian Restaurant Names You Can Use

An Italian restaurant’s name is more than a sign outside; it’s a promise. It tells whoever is looking for Italian eats that when they come into your location, it will be for a full and unique Italian dining experience. Something they won’t get at the next place. But why do restaurant names matter, and how can you choose just the right one? Looking for ispirazione? You’ll find it here!  

Why Are Restaurant Names Important?

Most of the time, you’ll only get a half-second glance to catch the eye of a potential customer, so you need to make it count by optimizing every letter. 

A quality name tells your customers you are a great location with an experience to offer and flavor. A bad name will signal negative thoughts in the prospective eater’s mind. The common connection between both good and bad restaurant names is that both:

  • Leave an immediate impression.
  • Define what your business is about before anyone even walks in the door. 
  • It directly influences whether someone is willing to risk their hard-earned money on your meals

How to Name Your Italian Restaurant

When you reach the point of deciding on a name, you quickly realize the gravity of the decision. It has to stand out against the local competition, be distinguished enough to be the first thought in your customer’s minds when they think of Italian food, and encapsulate everything you represent without being disconnected from the community it feeds. 

Italian Restaurant Names

Incorporate the Italian Language

Of course, you can’t order from an Italian menu without saying at least one word in Italian. Italian food is a bit of a culture. In that vein, you may want to consider having your restaurant name also reflect that Italian experience if you’re going all-in on the feeling of being in Naples in the Spring when a customer steps inside. 

Pay Homage to Your Own Roots

Remember where you come from and consider paying homage to where your restaurateur dreams began. Be it the name of your home town, the city in Italy that you visited, the first Italian restaurant you connected with, or your own family’s favorite Italian meal. 

Pun Intended

Never underestimate the power of a simple pun. If you go this route, you want to ensure it’s clever and leaves an impression when read. But there are endless pasta-abilities. Pun intended. 

Incorporate the Names of your Signature Dishes 

What is a restaurant of any kind without a signature dish? It’s the meal you stand by and declare is your best. So why not put it front and center on your signage? Let the public know how confident you are in your eggplant parm or risotto and lobster. It’s a bold statement that dares them to come in and try some. 

Look to Your Community

Some towns and cities have a soul all their own. In some, you’ll notice a theme or running commentary on local heroes, history, and cuisine. Maybe you’re in a college city that calls for a more youthful aesthetic. 

Maybe you’re located adjacent to a more refined community looking for a high-class experience. Look to other shops and eateries in your area to gain inspiration and put a finger on the local scene’s pulse. 

Turn to the Internet

Creating a restaurant name is a difficult task. For inspiration, you may have realized it’s useful to look to the internet for inspiration. Below we have compiled a list of over 100 Italian restaurant names for that exact reason. You’re welcome to use them yourself, but even if you don’t, they may be the spark you need to ignite a great idea for your own eatery’s name. 

100 Examples of Italian Restaurant Names

  1. Scola La Pasta
  2. Il Piacere 
  3. Bello Italian
  4. That’s Amore Pasta
  5. Vino con Ravioli
  6. La Magica Olive Oil
  7. My Supremo Italiano
  8. Pizza Peddler
  9. Da Irene Restaurant
  10. Old Modern Pizza
  11. Bella Betta
  12. Devilish Pies
  13. Greenanic Smoothies
  14. Freddy’s Stove
  15. Grandma’s Sweets
  16. Pizza Mania
  17. Bocca Felice
  18. La Cozza Infuriata “The Angry Muscle”
  19. Wood Fire Oven
  20. Spaghetti Corner
  21. La Magica Olive Oil
  22. My Supremo Italiano
  23. Pasta con Bagna Cauda
  24. Zesty Pesto Italian Ristorante
  25. Bruschetta’s
  26. Romano’s Italian Restaurant
  27. The Cal Zone
  28. Classico Italiano
  29. WhiteFlux
  30. JillChill Italian Bistro
  31. FIrstPrime Italian Bistro
  32. CoolDiva
  33. FrostyFems
  34. Mother Air
  35. Bello Amore Restaurant
  36. Great Tortellini
  37. Zesty Valentino
  38. Ti Amo Restaurant
  39. Lucifers Pizza
  40. Pizzeria Mozza
  41. Stella Barra Pizzeria
  42. Pizza Next Door
  43. Crispy Crust
  44. Cruzer Pizza
  45. Pizza Buona
  46. Mozzarelli’s
  47. Piada
  48. La Piazzetta
  49. Piccola Cucina
  50. Asiago Italian
  51. Enoteca Pinchiorri
  52. Piazza Duomo
  53. Olympic House of Pizza
  54. Oz Pizza
  55. Parmesan’s Pizzeria
  56. Pioneer Pizza
  57. Pizza Days
  58. Pizza Shuttle
  59. Pizza Studio
  60. Half Baked Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza
  61. Grove Hall Pizza
  62. Hearty Hearth Pizza Oven
  63. Nola D’ore
  64. Italian Express Pizzeria
  65. Papa Jolla
  66. Italian Square One
  67. Pasta Cave
  68. Elite Risotto
  69. Da Spanglossia
  70. Vocé Ristorante
  71. Bistro Vittorio
  72. La Genicelli
  73. Avante Restaurant
  74. Osteria Nascolini
  75. Home Team Pizzeria
  76. Pisabio
  77. The Glass Block
  78. The Silent Mockingbird
  79. The Lavender Beehive
  80. The Bitter Archive
  81. The Fresh Grill
  82. Bistro Builders
  83. Pasta Masta
  84. Full O’Bologna
  85. La Mensa
  86. Palermo
  87. Al Dente
  88. Sapori D’italia. 
  89. Sorriso
  90. Heirloom Café
  91. Townsend
  92. Upland
  93. Urban Remedy
  94. Zero Restaurante
  95. Blue Plate
  96. California Pizza kitchen
  97. Belly and Snout
  98. Iron Bone
  99. Cleaver’s
  100. Encrusted
  101. Blackbrick
  102. Cafe Coyote
  103. Chewy Balls
  104. Crab Hut
  105. Double Knot

Be Original

In the end, you want to make sure you are unique in your presentation. That especially includes the name. Be sure to do research and make sure you have an original restaurant moniker. Eat at Joe’s is a meme because it’s been done to death across the United States. 

If you do decide you like any of the choices above, be sure to do due diligence and confirm there aren’t any similar already around you. After all, this is a public list. 

Don’t get bogged down in making the process a point of science that you forget to include the artistic side. Enjoy the process of coming up with the name. Most of us are born into a name we have no control over. This is your opportunity actually to choose the word or words that define you. Make it count, but don’t lose your muse in the process. 

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